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Our Mission

Putting our children’s well being and safety first

SwiftKick Enrichment Program partners with local communities and schools to raise awareness by running Self-Defense Clinics, conducting After School Programs, and teaming up with local Youth Programs. Our mission is to strengthen families, instill a spirit of personal responsibility and diligence in our youth, and create a safe and peaceful community.


SwiftKick Enrichment’s After School Program is designed to help your kids:

  1. Focus in school in order to get better grades.
  2. Respect and obey parents.
  3. Follow directions in school and other activities.
  4. Be confident: giving them the ability to stand up for themselves and others.
  5. Be more physically fit and have a healthy and fun outlet to get out energy.
After School Programs

Our After School programs promote improved physical and mental health, leading to higher performance level in and outside of the classroom.

Self Defense Clincis

Our Self Defense Clinics assist in elevating the confidence of your child, resulting in improved self esteem and decreases the occurrences of bullying.

Local Youth Programs

By participating in Youth Programs, the children acquire a better sense of citizenship, leading to an increased sense of community responsibility and involvement.

After School Programs

After School programs are major tools in regards to bringing the members of communities together and fortifying them through team efforts. They serve a number of purposes –from keeping kids active and healthy in the hours after school in a safe, structured and monitored environment, to meeting the needs of under served populations, to promoting more positive parent involvement in the community and its children.

Online Registration


  • Current Spring 2024

    Painted Rock Elementary
    Day: Mondays
    Time: 3:10 - 3:55
    Dates: 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13

    Chaparral Elementary
    Day: Wednesdays
    Time: 3:10 - 3:55
    Dates: 4/17, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15

    Poinsettia Elementary:

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    PAYMENT MUST BE PROCESSED in order for your child's spot to be held.PayPal receipt is confirmation your child is signed up.
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Self Defense Clinics

Putting Safety First

Life is precious, a gift matched in value by no other. It is however unpredictable, with danger and surprise always seemingly lurking around the corner. This is why we place importance on equipping those in our communities, especially our children, with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to defend themselves if the unfortunate situation were to ever arise.


Self defense does more than just give you the confidence to protect yourself, it also helps to develop your mental and physical health, as you train your body and mind to be prepared for anything at a moment’s notice. The sad truth is that people are attacked everyday by strangers, it happens. By choosing to learn the basics of self defense, you take back the power from would be assailants.

Local Youth Programs

Reaching Out and Getting Connected

Youth Programs are not just a nice thing to have as an option for our children, but they are in fact a necessity. Positive community based Youth Programs go under-utilized and their many useful resources unrecognized in far too many communities.  In a brief prepared by the National Collaboration for Youth it was stated that the motivation and concentration levels of young people were much higher in informal youth programs than they were in school. This suggests that there lies an under utilized power in youth development programs that can dramatically and positively impact academic performance.


As a part of the SwiftKick Enrichment Program, we want to get the children of our communities and their parents involved in these positive and powerful programs. We have connections with several Youth Programs, most notably the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Teen Outreach Program.

Students Currently Enrolled

We provide year-round full and part-time martial arts training in the San Diego Area for young children starting.

Fun and Team Building Activites

We provide year-round full and part-time martial arts training in the San Diego Area for young children starting.

Schools Have Parntered

We provide year-round full and part-time martial arts training in the San Diego Area for young children starting.

Major Youth Program Partners

We provide year-round full and part-time martial arts training in the San Diego Area for young children starting.


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